Monastery of Carmelite Nuns

With all of our heart we welcome all newcomers to the Carmelite Monastery in Witten!

Most residents of Witten do not know about the view offered by the Discalced Carmelite Monastery. The monastery is situated next to a sign with the inscription "Auf der Klippe" ("On the cliff "). In the Ardennes Mountains this expression could be interpreted literally as a place of prayer and silence. The Carmelites, practicing a simple lifestyle, belong to a community of believers living apart.

The nuns' daily schedule includes participation in Holy Mass, two hours of contemplative inner prayer, prayer in the choir (choir is a place for prayer in the monastery) and spiritual reading.

The rhythm of prayer and work, rest hours and abstinence serve the church. In the presence of God through work and mediation the nuns help people who are in difficult situations, arriving with them through prayer.    


From Monday to Friday

  9:00 a. m. - 11:00 a. m.
15:00 p. m. - 16:30 p. m.

Holy Mass

7:30 on weekdays

9:00 on Sundays

Prayer intentions

Please, contact us here