Areas of work


Sister Margarita and Sister Maria Martha are our beekeepers. They completed courses and received certificates belong to the Union of Beekeepers of Herdecke. When possible they participate in meetings and are engaged in further self-education. Our bee family is doing well and brings a bountiful harvest of honey. The sisters also make ​​beeswax candles. 

"Although we beekeepers primarily benefit from nature, we are still comforted by the fact that we are protecting the environment, as with every drop of nectar collected by our bees they fertilize the flowers. In this way, fruits and seeds are better produced, having a positive impact on the diversity of species of flora and benefitting all wild animals. The pollination of most cultivated and wild plants is a result of bees collecting honey."

2016 Our honey has been recognized as the best in the Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreis region. Both of our beekeepers were placed on a gold medal list for a review of their honey! We are proud of our bees and our beekeepers!


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