Church of the Monastery


Tabernacle Under the cross, which fills the front wall of the church, is the artistic tabernacle made by​Hildegard Domizlaff (1898–1987). The sculptor, a woodwork and jewelry artist, created reliefs from the life of the prophet Elijah. Individual worshipers can be found before the tabernacle during quiet hours and Inner Prayers.

"I am the bread of life.” “Bread of Life” – in these words alone lies an immense force. A force that can overcome fatigue and discouragement. And the source of this power is offered to us. We need only to provide room in us to God and allow Him to draw strength from this source again and again. 

The Bread of Life, the Holy Eucharist, is the most precious gift that has ever been offered our Earth.

Church of the Monastery

Ikon - Hodigitria

To the left of the nave of the church is a Russian icon of Mary – Hodigitria (“She who shows the way”) XVII century.

Pilgrims can visit her and entrust Mother Mary with their joys, sorrows and troubles, light candles, and trusting in Her intervention, return home grateful.

By vocation of the Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel, Discalced Carmelites belong to the family of the Order dedicated in a special way to love and honor Mary.

The saints of our Order of Teresa of Jesus of Avila and John of the Cross beheld in Her a person who humbly and wisely accepted and contemplated God's Word. After Christ, she is the keeper of pain and joy of the Easter mystery, a strong and devoted woman who became an example for them to follow.

In the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary are repeated unusual events, so She can be a personal guide to each of us.

The Blessed Virgin Mary is a woman who is always ready to listen and to do God's Will. She is an to believers who are looking for God in their lives.

It is really good to have close such a strong and loyal ally!  

Church of the Monastery

The cross




The cross hangs in its full size on the front wall of the church of the Carmelites in Witten by the Ruhr River. It has been hanging in the same place since the blessing of the church on November 18, 1956.

Underneath it in front of the altar and the pulpit is where the faithful gather for Holy Mass.

Underneath the cross in front of the tabernacle pilgrims pray alone in silence.

All of them “will look on him whom they have pierced" (John 19:37), Jesus Christ, The Savior of the World.



Church of the Monastery

Church Window

All of the colorful stained glass windows of the church were created by the artist Gustav Fünders (1956). When illuminated by the sun through them the stained glass emits a warm light and creates a majestic atmosphere when looking through them. In silence you can admire the works of art and feel their pervasive influence.

The Holy Prophet Elijah

The Holy Prophet Elijah, the forefather of the Order of Carmelites, ascended into heaven before the eyes of his disciple Elisha and left him his robe as a double sign of spiritual inheritance.

Blessed Simon Stock

Blessed Simon Stock, a General of the Order, received the Scapular from the Virgin Mary. Putting on the Scapular we show affiliation with the Carmelite Order of Mount Carmel.

Saint Teresa of Avila

Saint Teresa of Avila – reformer of the Carmelite Order, prayer mentor and Doctor of the Church.

St. John of the Cross

St. John of the Cross – Doctor of the Church and reformer of the Carmelite Order.

St. Theresa of Lisieux

St. Theresa of Lisieux – Teacher of the “small path” and Doctor of the Church.

The Blessed Virgin Mary surrounded by angels

   Stained glass window near the organ.